“I have been out on “The Hooker” a few times with family and friends.  Captain Peter Dahl is knowledgeable, and always got us on the fish.  Captain Peter was patient with the less experienced fisher folks and made us all feel like old pros by the end of the trip. If you could have seen the mile wide smile on the face of my girlfriend when she landed a 14 pound King on her very first trip, that would be all the incentive you would need to know that if you want a great Lake Superior fishing experience, take a trip out on the Happy Hooker.  You won’t be disappointed at all.”

“Pictures can only spoil it.  LOL”

Fred Eberl

“I have fished aboard Hooker Too with Capt. Peter at the helm on tom Ritchie with troutmultiple occasions.  Each experience has been wonderful and successful!  Capt. Peter’s knowledge of great lake fishing and personableness is second to none.  I have no hesitation in recommending you to the “Hooker Too.”  I will also be returning.  Thanks for the wonderful Great Lake Experience!”

Tom Ritchie – Rice Lake, WI


trout - salmon - walleye pictureCaptain Peter and Dan,
Thank you for an awesome morning of fishing on September 8, 2011. Your research, expertise, and experience produced results that far exceeded any expectations. Angie just wanted to catch a salmon, and that what she got, plus lots more, a 28″ Walleye and Lake Trout. What an exciting morning! We are recommending your “Happy Hooker” Charter to everyone interested in fishing or wanting the experience. THANK YOU! Wayne Gordon and Angie Bell

Peterbig catch
I hope your nose is feeling ok and you get to get back out on the water soon. Your sons Dave and Dan did a great job. We caught fish and had a very good time. we will be back next year.
thanks, Mike Stark

Eric Herman with a laker

Thanks for the wonderful fishing charter experience. We had a great time in Duluth and enjoyed the fishing tremendously. Thanks again for an awesome experience.
Take care and have a great hunting season.
Eric Herrmann

Hi Captain Peter (and Dan),
Mike (Rose) and I just wanted to say thanks again for a wonderful day on the big lake!
Attached are some pictures should you want to add some of them to your website.
I loved all the fishing songs on your MP3 player — any chance you could email me or provide a link where I can download the Yooper Girls song? That was great! Kala-Kala-Kala!!!
Charles & Mike

Mary Chapman - & Bunch

I have received the picture and would like to thank you again, had a very good time.
Mary Chapman
forgot to mention one thing:
KALA KALA!!!! Will always remember that one and the one with the skunk in the cooler.
Happy Fishing,
Mary Chapman

Christy Quade

Hello Capt.
Thanks again for the fishing trip on Friday (8/30). We cooked up some of the lake trout last nite and let me tell you, I’m not a big “fish eater” but I loved that trout!
Thanks again,
Christy Quade

Dave and Suk

Thanks, we had a great time. Thanks for adjusting to our schedule. Even if
the fish werent biting as well as they had been, it seemed like such a nice
day to be on the lake. We thought the extra time on the lake was wonderful.
WE had fun and learned a lot. We will definitely try and use your services
each spring and fall, and maybe again yet this fall. Thanks so much.
Dave and Suk – Kala, Kalla, Kalla

Johnny Myklebust


Hello Peter Dahl,

Do you remember us? The two Norwegian boys that were out fishing with you and Dan on May? Thanks for a fantastic day out at the Lake Superior. I saw that you had put some photos of me and my friend on your web site. Some of them is better than the ones we took, I therefore wondered f it would be possible to buy them, and get them mailed on email, and not as printed pictures. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Best Regards, Johnny Myklebust

Connie Cook and Chuck Hauck


Greetings to Cap’n Pete, Chief Financial Officer Diane & First Mate Mike,
Greatly enjoyed charter on “Hooker Too”, Sept. 2nd in p.m. Thanks for a
great professional effort on a tough day. We are looking forward to a return charter this spring for salmon. Please advise us on recommended dates. Also, any information on big brookies and
lakers in Nipigon would be appreciated.
Best Regards,
Connie Cook & Chuck Hauck

Mary and Rick Bemis

Captain Peter,
Thank you for the fun fishing trip this morning. We enjoyed ourselves even though the fish were not cooperating. Matthew caught up on some sleep but Rick and I enjoyed the conversation and the scenery. Matthew says to make sure to get the pictures of the hula girls!
Thanks again,
Mary & Rick Bemis



Captain Peter, Those charter were to short. We had just a wonderful time. Even
if I did out fish Chuck he is talking about coming back next year. He is at home
smoking them already. I would love to get a copy of the pictures that you took.
I know that you may have some on the website, but we would like them all. How
can we get these. I have your name and address in my files now. You will be
hearing from us. We hope to hear from you too. Lonnie & Chuck

Cathy Walburn

Cathy Walburn

Thank you for the wonderful time and great day of fishing. We really enjoyed the time we spent with you and your son. It was a great day and a wonderful present for John. He loved it!
Thanks Again,
Cathy Walburn



George dahl

George Dahl

Just thought I would say how many memories I have of the 10 L. trout we
caught that day it rained in August. And the one I missed. I would love to
try it again.
What would you say would be the best time? We were there the first week of
August. Also I heard that on that day up the shore few, no fish were
caught except around the Lester River.
When will pictures be on line?
George Dahl


Cheers with no fears

Hey there! Just wanted to say thanks to you and Dan for taking us out on Saturday and letting us get some hooks wet with you and even land a few fish. 🙂 Had a good time as always with you guys and look forward to another time. We had breakfast early Sunday and saw all the white caps out on the lake, so I think we made a wise decision to not fish that day, but we will get together again.
Take care and thanks again for the good time! Cheers,

The Baldwins

Cap’t Dahl,
We just got home a couple days ago and I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the fishing trip last week. Everybody but my daughter had a great time. ha ha At least she was a good sport about it. We cooked some of them that night and they were delicious!!! I will certainly mention your name to anyone going up north to fish Lake Superior. Just wanted to say again we had a great time and we appreciate everything you did to make it so!! Thanks Again!!
The Baldwin’s——Randy, Billie, Tracey, and Brandon

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  1. I’m not sure not sure if this was our fourth or fifth trip, (I know we missed a year due to medical issues) but every time we have gone has been a great fishing experience. Captain Peter and First Mate Dan are great hosts and on behalf of my father (also Frank) we look forward to the next trip!

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