Happy Hooker Charters

Reviews of Happy Hooker Charters

Wayne Jaeger

The trip was great. Would recommend the Looper to anybody looking for a fun day. The time went by to fast..

We rented a couple charters to take our group of 10 out on the water for some lake trout and salmon fishing. It was a small group before our wedding the next day. Captain Peter took half the group and Captain Dave took the other half. The captains and their deck mates were very nice and got us on some fish. We ended up with about 10 lakers and a few coho. Highly recommend this group and look forward to our next charter with them!

Arthur Manders

Great experience for six family members. The bonus was catching limits of Lake Trout.

Corey Marble

It was a great time, caught fish to bring home! The capt and mate were wonderful. Would highly recommend Peter!!

Kim Cresap

Had a great time on the water. Everyone in our group successfully landed a fish. Captain and crew were great and professional. Awesome trip!

Kathy Strand

Great day of fishing! Our group had a lot of fun! Dave and Mel did a great job and were fun to spend the day with! Thanks and we WILL see you again! We have already recommended the Treble Hook to other friends and family!

Marc Melcher

Thank you Captain Nathan.

Corey Stich

Captain Matt was great as always. Great deckhand in Adam also, that dude was rad. Repeat customer and I’ll be back. Great trip, great boat and he put on fish, again.

Cory Loberg

The best fishing trip ever!!!!! Captain Dave and First Mate Mike were amazing fishermen and awesome company as this trip couldn't have went any better. We hammered the fish and had a blast. I wouldn't and couldnt say a bad word about those 2 gentlemen. They simple know how to catch fish. Will never go with anyone but these two guys!!!!


On Friday 9/22/17 we had a last minute idea to see if we could get some fishing in on Saturday morning 9/23/17. We looked at the places available in Duluth, on-line and in Trip Advisor. We called and Happy Hookers first and they said they had a cancellation that day for

Larry Tarnow

Capt. Riley Leslie was an excellent guide. One member of our group, Adele, had not fished very much. He did an excellent job of explaining what was happening with all of the outriggers, boards, etc. When she hooked a good size king salmon, he talked her through landing it without getting directly involved. Capt. Riley cleaned the fish we caught--several king salmon and trout; we had a great dinner when we got home. The North Shore is a great place to visit.We plan to return !

Barb Gregory

Captain Marty and Connor did a fantastic job. They kept things interesting.

We had a great trip. The captain and mate made the trip an awesome experience and all aboard had fun on the trip. Bonus was my grandson caught two large fish - one walleye and the other was a trout. Looking forward to some yummy dinners.

Donald Burge

The trip was amazing. Easy set up and book. I have gone with either Captain Dave or Captain Peter for about 14 years. Never a bad experience and the fishing has been good too!! Our trip in August could have been tough as the fish were scattered. Captain Peter made the trip enjoyable and successful. I appreciate the effort!


We had a great fishing trip with Captain Riley! I cannot recommend Happy Hooker Charters enough. Even when the fishing was slow, it was so nice to sit back and enjoy a morning on the water.

Jerry A

My fourth trip with Captain Pete and 1st Mate John. First day the lake was choppy and cold, caught 9 great fish and did a little chumming because of the waves, but still had a great time. The second day weather was beautiful and the lake was calm. We caught 14 fish. Great day!

The reviews were spot on. We went out with Matt and Justin, These guys are awesome, super friendly, helpful, put us right on the fish. Lots of good laughs! Highly recommend!

Kathy Isaacson

We had such a fabulous time with Captain Jamie and First Mate Dan. Besides the beautiful weather and great fish we caught, it was relaxing and so enjoyable to spend hours together on our great lake. I recommend this trip and this captain to everyone!


We had a great time, obviously catching fish made easier. Captain Jake was knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Had some fun things that would just make my teenage boys and I laugh. Thanks for the great time!

Katie Genereau

Jacob and Connor did a great job and we had so much fun bringing in these beautiful Lake Trout! The trip was beautiful, relaxing and exciting!

David S

Took the morning trip out this past late-June weekend with five friends. Captain Dave & Mike were great and we caught a good number of trout and three salmon. Great morning with incredible weather. Highly recommend and hope to go again!

Richard Hanson

Overall was a very good Trip. Captain Peter was great and very knowledgeable. We all had a great trip and will be booking again next year.

Clay Schnell

great captain and mate enjoyed with my two sons great time good fish to eat parking was terrible if you can afford suites hotel next door do it

Had A Blessed Time. Great Captains and A Lovely Time.

Adam S

We had a half day morning trip with Dave at the end of may. We had a blast! He got us on fish right away but more important he was just an overall fun guy to fish with. We will be back next year! Thanks for the trip!

Adam W

Wife and I booked a fishing trip after our 2nd honeymoon cruise got canceled. Matt and Adam were are captain and first mate. We're super friendly and kept everything lite and fun. Day was a perfect day on the water but fishing was slow. They used all their tricks to have us get a bite. We ended up with two strikes and one fish. My wife was elated at the chance to real in a nice fish. We are already planning again for next yr. and cannot wait to use them again. Have recommended to others whom are looking for a fishing trip for next yr too.


I have been fishing all my life, and granted, not lake trout, but Capt Pete treated us as if we were all 4 years old. After speaking to the other group that had Nathan as their Captain and Rob, we got on the wrong boat. Pete offered no advice, told us very little of what he

Jeff Smith and I had a great time with captain Matt Massie and first mate Justin. We are planning on doing it again next year. They were very knowledgeable and helpful. Would recommend them

Michael Finco

We had a great day with Captain Matt and First Mate Justin!

Kim Pitts

We had an awesome experience with Captain Jim and Captain Brody. We have never been fishing in a Great Lake and they gave us memories to last a life time. They were very knowledgeable about their craft and the area. It was a great day on the water. We caught more fish than expected. And it was VERY satisfying to catch the largest fish of the trip, I think even Jim and Brody were impressed with its size. Two thumbs up....highly recommend if you are thinking about a Lake Superior fishing trip!

The 6 of us had a great time. Matt put us right in the fish. Justin was amazing and so helpful. One critique I do have is we were asked twice if we have enough fish yet. The first time I thought he was kidding.We had 4 different households fishing that day and would distribute to about 7. For $625 plus tip I don't think that should have been asked. I understand conservation but none of our catch was frozen. My house alone had 4 meals plus smoked a bunch to share. We were done early so we got a scenic boatride back. My thought was instead of that maybe it should have been we can take our time back or knock some off the price. Again. I would book and will book again but just wanted to give you a couple things to think about.

Shonie C

The experience was extremely enjoyable! The service, atmosphere and visiting with Captain Peter and his sidekick Mel was great fun and top notch!! Captain Peter has a great heart! Thank you so much! We will be back!!! Art & Shonie Wahpeton, ND

Mike S

7/2/21. When you book charter boats as far in advance as we do its based off our busy lives, so we understand that you are throwing a dart at the calendar and we hope for good weather and that the fish are there that day. Well we got both great weather and awesome fishing. We went out with Captain Jamie and Conner. Not sure if I can say enough good things about those two. Great guys, very knowledgeable and skilled. They have a nice atmosphere on their boat, and clearly their personalities work well with each other. We have done charters all over the country and this trip was the best because the lake was like glass we limited out and again the guys were great. This is our second time fishing with this company, we also hammered em previously with Captain Pete. I would recommend this charter fleet to anyone out there. It’s a classy well run operation by the Dahl family and again Jamie and Conner were awesome. We are going home with another full cooler and we will be back. Thank you very much again for a great experience out on Lake Superior. Mike and Kiley

Randy Shepherd

Four of us on the boat and we had a great time. The lake was beautiful, and we caught some nice lake trout and some salmon. The crew were fun and educational (our first time fishing the big lake) and I'm glad we got to know them! We will be back!

John Tomkins

Excellent Charter Service, I would highly recommend.


2nd year in a row with Capt. Riley. Just missed our limit after getting our limit last year. Kudos to Capt. Riley for taking us out without a 1st mate to assist. Hope to back next year!

Mike Muller

What a great time. Captains Jacob and Jamie were both knowledgeable and fun to spend the day with. Will go again. Thanks guys!

We had high hopes with all the great reviews here, but I think we'll stick to smaller guide services from now on. We have done various forms of guided trips on different bodies of water in both the north and the south, and this was mediocre at best. We were excited to see the guide was ready at 11:45, as our slot began at 12:15. We got a little lost and arrived at 11:50, and when we approached the boat the guide bluntly said "well we missed the lift so now we need to wait until 12:30" then proceeded to go sit on his phone on the cabin - ok dude, off to a great start. Once we got out to the the only spot we fished at, the guide and first mate got everything set up and said they would give us a run down of how it all worked when they were done. This never happened. Instead, if one was on the line they would reel in most of the way then hand it off to one of us. The first time my husband took the rod, the guide started yelling at him "don't do that!" from the cabin. My husband has been fishing his whole life, but is unfamiliar with Lake Superior. My husband asked what he did wrong and the guide snapped "yeah, everything you just did, do the opposite" (really helpful....) I asked the guide if he could give real instruction instead of barking that we were reeling incorrectly. Remember we didn't ever get that run down they promised.. All in all it didn't matter, we paid for 5 people to fish and only 3 of us even touched a rod - one of which was after the first mate reeled in so much that you could already see the fish from the boat. We only caught 3 fish, which would have been fine if we felt the guide was putting any effort in. Instead the guide sat on his phone in the cabin the whole time while we just sat there for hours. The first mate was handling all the rods and chain smoking. The wind blowing it right into the cabin in my face. Disgusting. This is just a fraction of my complaints. Needless to say I'll stick to guides who seem to enjoy what they do. Considering the vast amount of guide trips we've been on, no one is going to tell me what we experienced is typical.

dan trudeau

Captain Dave Dahl and First Mate Mike were outstanding Not just with fishing but good conversation. I would highly recommend them for your next Duluth / Lake Superior fishing trip. Very reasonable pricing with the experience and extensive knowledge of the lake and fishing. I most certainly will be booking my next Duluth fishing trip with them. Thanks again guys for a great day out! Dan...

Chanda L

Captain Peter and First Mate John were knowledgeable and informative. We learned so much! The weather didn’t cooperate mid trip and they had a plan B that worked quite well. Caught salmon, trout and walleye. Would definitely recommend these guys.

David Engel

Great time and worth every penny, Captain Nathan was great and we really enjoyed the overall experience. Definitely will book this again!!!!!!!

Richard Lanz

June 21, 2021 Thank you to Captain Riley and Jon for a wonderful day of fishing on Lake Superior! It was my birthday and I wanted to make it a special day...well you did make it special. From me catching the first big trout to my husband catching two fish on one line and the biggest....it was a great! Thanks for the memories! Would do this again in a heartbeat!

alisa barnum

A great time was had by all! Captain Dave and his first mate Mel did a great job.0

Bill Swanstrom

I am a Vietnam Veteran, Navy two tours. I have been dreaming about this charter for many years, finally booked it. It was everything I had hoped for and then some. My shoulder is sore from reeling in all the fish. Had a great time. Matt is a seriously great Charter Captain. One squared away dude.

Captain Paul and first mate, Birch, took great care of us and put us on some big lakers! Definitely a successful day of fishing!!

Captain Riley Leslie and JR were awesome! Although the water was choppy they made the best of our trip! We caught 7 large lake trout. We would definately come back to this charter group! Thanks 🙂


Captain Matt and 1st Mate Justin were AWESOME!!!!!! They knew the perfect spot and we got our limit in just a few short hours! We had a blast. We will be back. Thank you!!!

Went on a half-day morning trip with my family over 4th of July holiday. We had the time of our lives, including our 3 and 5 year-old kids (just make sure to bring child life jackets). We caught a few salmon and a monster lake trout. Had a fish fry the next day back in Twin

anna deblieck

Marty was our captain and he was super fun to go with! He's very knowledgeable and fun to chat with! Got to catch my first salmon which was an exciting experience!

Tony Torgerson

My wife and I had a awesome time, Captain Matt and Justin were very knowledgeable and helpful with everything. We are planning on doing it again.

Duane Yuhala

Awesome as always!

Pamela Couture

We had a fabulous trip with Capt. Nathan and his first mate, Jake. They worked the poles but allowed three teenage grandsons, their moms and their grandma reel in the trout! Lots of knowledge, lots of fun.

Chad Quelle

We had an excellent time.

Great morning for fishing ! Matt and Justin were the best!

Luke Kohler

We booked a half day charter for our 18th anniversary on the 19th and went out with captain Jamie and deckhand Connor both very nice and knowledgeable we had a blast what a way to spend an anniversary we will totally be back again thanks to all of you for making this a memorable trip

Tom H

Had the absolute pleasure of spending a day trip on Lake Superior with Captain Jake. From the moment we boarded, we knew we were gonna have a fun day, even IF we wouldn’t have caught fish. Captain Jake had us smiling and laughing with jokes and stories while he got us to the

Michael H

We did an afternoon and a morning half day trip with Captain Marty, HappyHookerIV.com. There were 4 in my group, we had a great time, the fishing was great, we caught our limit of lake trout. Everybody got a chance to catch fish, Marty and Barry were a fun group, if you book

Tracey Sleen

Once again a great fishing trip captain was wonderful putting us on great fish my grandsons had there first fishing charter and caught fish

joanne bislow

Had a great time with Marty and Reid they work well together fishing was slow but those two did everything they could to get us some fish even a fish dance Great experience will definitely book again


Booked a half day fishing charter with Captain Marty and first mate Reed. They knew where to go for fish and provided a lot of information on what equipment to use and how to find the fish. We caught 4 good sized trout which they cleaned for us to take home. The highlight was my

Bill Oas

Had a great morning outing with Captain James and First Mate Jeff. Group of 4 caught 8 Lake Trout. No slobs this time of year but still plenty of meat for the smoker, freezer, and dinner tonight. James and Jeff were both very personable, friendly and funny. Trip was my wife and I and our 16 and 21 year old kids and James and Jeff included all in conversations and provided great instruction, trivia, and history education. We couldn’t have asked for a better day weather wise either. Lake was flat cloudy early clearing to sun. Just a great day! Thanks James and Jeff!

Russ Parker

A must do when visiting Duluth. We had a blast!!!!

Robert H

We came to Duluth for a “Boys” weekend with the brothers. We went on a 1/2 day charter with Captain Pete and our Mate Steve. What an awesome trip. The guys know the area and the areas to fish. We ended up with 13 fish and some great memories. This is not a fly by night

Laura Jacobson

Jamie and Jake were personable, friendly, and kept the humor going. We had a blast!


Caught several nice lake trout, and lost a few too. Captain Jake and his mate were really entertaining. They kept my 12 year old entertained. The fishing was a bit slow, but the crew really tried hard to keep them biting. Don’t expect too many salmon in mid-August. Try early June or September for those fish. Thanks again for trying so hard to keep us reeling!

Mike Turner

Crew was friendly and attentive. They handled everything so we could just catch fish. I would use them again

Krisa Keute

Everybody caught a fish, experience was awesome, lots of superstitions shared. Fun time with James and connor, would highly recommend.

Connie Pearson

This is our second year with Captain Riley. My grandsons love him! He never disappoints in finding the fish. Has the patience to answer every one of their many, many questions. Half way thru the trip my 8 year old grandson turned to me and said “ grandma, can we come back next year, too?” This fishing trip is not only a highlight of our year but making wonderful memories my grandsons will never forget! Thank you, Captain Riley!

Dean D

My teenage son and I booked a half-day fishing trip with Happy Hooker Charters. Booking was very easy and got a response on availability within the hour. We were booked on the 5-star Happy Hooker with Captain Matt. When we showed up at about 6AM, the boat was all set up and

Kelly M

Our kids were thrilled to catch their first fish here. Dave & his daughter were the best team. Were they full of energy. When the string moved, they went into action and let no fish get away. We got trout & salmon. (The big one to stuff; the rest to eat.). They even did a

Terry Collins

Our group had a great time with Dave and Mel keeping us entertained throughout the day on a calm-wind tough bite, but did end up with a few bags of filets.

Captain Peter and his shipmate John were great! We had a wonderful day on the water - weather was phenomenal! My 12 year old son and I caught some fish and had a blast on the boat. Thank you!