Captain Peter Dahl – Scheduled to do seminars at LaCross and Duluth Sport Shows

“Using video to catch more and bigger fish” is the topic for this years Seminars.  Captain Peter has been using video cameras beneath the waves of Lake Superior to observe the conditions and reactions to his lure presentations. Stop by and see captains Peter and Dave at the La Cross and Duluth Sport Shows.  Check this link for details.


Hooker too fishing boat

Set up for Lake Superior fishing

Flooding in Duluth and muddy waters on Lake Superior promp a move to Knife River Marina

The heavy rains created muddy waters near Duluth Superior.   The flood prompted us to relocate the “Hooker Too”  temporarily to Knife River.   Mud and debris was there too, but not bad enough to hurt the fishing. Lately we have been catching some  Big Lakers.


Downriggers and leadcore are taking some trout in the 10 to 20 class.


First Lake Superior fishing trip for May

After a few cancellations due to waves and weather we finally go out on Lake Superior. The fish were ready and waiting and the action was fast. We landed a total of 25 lake trout and 10 coho salmon. the crew opted to release some of the bigger trout in favor of the better eating ones. the hot lures of the day were xraps in pink, clown, and parrot, UV thunderstick, Miss Dolly (our Lady Gaga)spoon, and a dodger with peanut fly.  Most were caught of the board lines but several were caught on downriggers and dipsy divers.

Fishing with Captain Randol for salmon and trout.

On May 10th we took advantage of great weather and invited retired captain Randol . Fishing off park point in 75ft of water.  The water was muddy from storms and the water temp was 49 to 50.  We had fast action on coho salmon and lakers.  Three fish caught on spoons off the  downriggers at 10 to 35 ft,  8 caught on xraps and thunder sticks. Orange and pink were the hot colors.

Smelt run is underway “smelt are running”

Last night the smelt were running very strong in Duluth, and also in Ashland.

Large cooler of Lake Superior smelt

Smelt run is ON

The commercial nets in Duluth were loaded with large males for the most part.  Seiners on Park Point struggled  with waves and debris, but some did well if they were willing to get a little wet.  The Lester also had a small run, but the water level is very low and we’re not sure  how that will affect the run.  Tonight may be a repeat of last night with east wind still blowing.  Smelters will be smelting in large numbers this weekend. I hope the smelt cooperate.

Old Guys Rule – Lake Superior documentary 9/12/12

Lake Superior fishing for Lake Trout and Salmon August 2011.

We fished with Scott Clementson and his crew. Cruising out at dawn under the Aerial Lift bridge and enjoying the sights of Duluth and the North Shore. It was a very productive morning of fishing for the Old Guys and the young as well. Of course it never hurts to have a “lucky lady” along.