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Captain Peter Dahl

Peter Dahl

Duluth Charter Fishing Captain Peter Dahl is a lifelong resident of Duluth, where he grew up on the banks of the St Louis river. He has fished since he was big enough to hold a pole. As a young man he trolled the waters of Lake Superior with his brother, dad and uncle. Even before the comeback of lake trout, and the planting of salmon. He fished for steelhead on the North Shore and Isle Royale, lake trout on the south shore. He has been chartering Lake Superior for 35 years.

Captain Dave Dahl

Dave Dahl

A fourth generation licensed captain, Captain Dave Dahl upholds a long line of fishing tradition in his family.  Dave has fished Superior with his Grandfather, Uncle Jon, and father, since he was a kid.  Dave has developed some of his own techniques, and he seems to have a knack for finding some of the really big fish.

Captain Marty Running

Marty Running

Nephew to Peter and Jon. Has the same fishing instincts and experience that has been carried thru from his grandfather Don Dahl. Marty is skilled at finding fish and entertaining clients.

Captain Jake Stover

Jake Stover

Captain Jake Stover, Peter’s relief captain has risen through the ranks to be a confident and competent member of the team. Jacob is great with children, keeping them entertained and educated in the art of fishing.

Captain Riley Leslie

Riley Leslie

Captain Riley Leslie is a second cousin to Peter and Jon. He has been trained by Captain Jon and is a rising talent in the fleet. Riley is detail oriented and entertaining as well. The “Happy Hooker” is very comfortable and well maintained, it has always been a fish magnet.

Captain Jamie Cotner

Jamie Cotner

Captain Jamie Cotner learned his Big lake fishing techniques by serving as a first mate with Captain Lindner. He has developed a few techniques not used by our fleet until now. He has been a innovator and experimenter adding to the overall success of the fleet. He is a a teacher in the off season and he enjoys teaching kids to fish.

Captain Matt Massie

Matt Massie

Captain Matt Massie, Although not a blood relative, Matt has been with the Hooker family for many years. Matt has worked with many captains as a mate before becoming a captain himself. He has learned many of the tricks and invented some of his own techniques that puts him on a plane with the best. His boat “Five Star Hooker” is his pride and joy. Custom rigged and ready to fish.

Captain Bill Hecomovich

bill hecomovich

30+ years of Northwoods fishing experience. Fishing for me has always been a passion. At age 6, I got my first Zebco 202 and never looked back. I would work my paper route and spend every dollar on lures and gear at the local outfitter’s store until I was broke. Odd, my dad was never into outdoor stuff. My 3 brothers had always humored me and came along on my crazy wilderness adventures. To me, it’s not the trip or fishing. I enjoy the memories, trials, and struggles the most. I spent most of my life surrounded by the 10000 lakes of MN. I lived on Rainy Lake for 10+ years and fished every day after work religiously.  I fished and hunted the rivers and streams of Montana, traveled most of our beautiful country, and ended up Home in MN, and that’s when I got really serious about fishing. Met and fished with thousands of people from all over the world and my 2 daughters. Regardless of whether the fish were cooperating or not, we always had fun and made it back to the dock most of the time. I operated God’s Country Guide Service in northern MN. The name is what folks always said fishing sunset on the lake. “THIS is why they call it God’s Country,” they said. And I couldn’t agree more.

These Duluth Charter Fishing Captains have the following qualifications:

  • Captain Peter is president of the Duluth Charter Fishing Guides Association
  • Coast Guard and Minnesota Licensed
  • Members Duluth Charter Fishing Guides
  • Members Great Lakes sport fishing council
  • Member Lake Superior Advisory Committee
  • Second and third generation Lake Superior fishing guides
  • Over 80 years combined lake superior fishing experience
  • Six years experience chartering to Isle Royale National Park (Peter and Jon)
  • Thirty years as a full-time charter captains (Peter and Jon)
  • Fully insured and first aid trained

Other Team Members

The First Mates

The first mates are a big part of the team effort it takes to be successful in catching the trout and salmon. They are there to assist and instruct you in the process. They are very knowledgeable of Lake Superior and the surrounding area. At the end of the trip, they will fillet and bag your fish for you.


Last but not least:  “Sue the happy hooker booker” handles our bookings.

In the mid 70″s my dad, Don Dahl bought the “Happy Hooker” (First charter boat out of the port of Duluth) He and my uncle Ray operated the charter until 1985. I got my first big lake boat and began to hone my skills by following Dad around Lake Superior. After many years of successful “fun fishing”, I discovered that what I enjoyed most about fishing was sharing it with others. It was this realization that led me to become a US Coast Guard Licensed Captain and resume the family tradition of charter fishing. I look forward to fishing with you and being there when you land your trophy aboard the “Hooker Too”.