Booking a Lake Superior Fishing Charter

Please plan and try to book your charter a month or two ahead of time. Saturday is the most requested day of week, followed by Sunday and Friday. Short notice trips are also available. We have several affiliates we can hook you up with, even on busy weekends.

    • Cancellation policy

    • Credit Card info is taken at time of booking. You are mot charged the $200 deposit fee unless you cancel or fail to show 2 weeks prior to charter date.
    • If the captain cancels due to bad weather conditions we try to reschedule if possible. If rescheduling is not possible, you will not be charged the deposit fee.

    • If due to mechanical failure, sickness of a captain, or booking error and we are unable to provide a trip for you, or a replacement boat and captain for the date you scheduled. We will credit you a half price charter trip at a later date.