Charter Services

We Provide the following

  • All required Coast Guard safety equipment (we exceed the requirements)
  • We offer half  day and full day lake superior trips customized to your needs
  • Top quality  well maintained rods and reels
  • State of the art fishing electronics
  • Bait and tackle, proven effective for the type of fishing be done
  • Ice for your fish on the boat and for your trip home
  • 24 hour fishing licenses are available for purchase at the dock
  • Inform and educate you about fishing methods and general Lake Superior information
  • We will fillet your days catch and pack it on ice in your cooler
  • We can arrange additional boats for group charters
  • We provide “Coho hand cream” (for men)
  • We Call the fish (kala kala kala)
  • We can provide box lunches for groups
  • We can organize multiple boat trips for families and companies

Dan Filleting a lake trout in about a minute

What you need to bring

  • Current Minnesota fishing license and trout stamp (24 hr licenses may be available on boat)  Trout Stamps are not available on boat.
  • Warm clothing (temperature changes can be extreme)
  • Cool clothing, July & Aug. (sometimes it even gets hot)
  • Soft soled shoes (no black soles or heals that will mark the deck)
  • Food and beverages (cans work better than glass bottles).  Alcoholic beverages are allowed, but please use in moderation.
  • Camera and sunglasses (Polaroid glasses reduce reflected glare)
  •  Cooler for transporting your fish home


no bananas please

Please don;t bring no bananas

There are many stories why bananas have been thought of as bad luck on boats. This is only one of the nautical superstitions that I know of and is particularly prevalent among watermen. Many stories have banana oil rubbing off on ones hands and “spooking” the fish; therefore the fish don’t bite. There is always the story of a crew member slipping on the banana peel left on the deck. Some say that bananas give you the runs so you are always in the marine head and can’t catch fish because you are busy “draining the pipes”.